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EDI Specifications (Johnson Controls)
MIG Wire and Tube, LLC ONLY

Use this form for MIG Wire and Tube only. DO NOT complete this form for Manufacturers Industrial Group.

Manufacturers Industrial Group, LLC

Use this form for Manufacturers Industrial Group only. DO NOT complete this form for MIG Wire and Tube.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Purchase Orders are governed exclusively by Johnson Controls Global Terms of Purchase and any country supplement specified except as modified as provided therein. All other terms are rejected. Seller must comply with the Johnson Controls Supplier Standards Manual. These terms are available through Johnson Controls and incorporated here by reference. The purchase order number must appear on all invoices, packing slips and bills of lading. A packing slip must accompany all shipments, showing our part number, quantity and supplier number assigned by MIG. All suppliers must conform to AIAG CQI 9, CQI 11 and/or CQI 12 as applicable. Further information on this requirement can be found on the AIAG web site. Mandatory routing instructions are available by contacting the Materials Department at the number listed above or as otherwise indicated.

About MIG

Manufacturers Industrial Group (MIG) is a full service contract manufacturer primarily automotive seating subassemblies, components and hardware. MIG is recognized as one of the best suppliers in robotic and automated GMAW and resistance welding. Our expertise is in reviewing your product specifications and developing manufacturing processes to produce the product in the most efficient manner while insuring world-class quality.

Our products include manual seat adjusters, welded assemblies, metal stampings, fine blankings, formed wire and bent tube and other light assemblies. Our current customer base includes Johnson Controls, Lear Seating, Intier Automotive, ARJ Manufacturing, Faurecia, TS Tech, and Toyota Boshoku.